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A gekko plugin for live trading that submits all trades to a google spreadsheet through Forms
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Google Forms Gekko Plugin (V2.1.1)

V2.1.1 update for compatibility with gekko 0.6.x

A gekko plugin for live trading that submits all trades to a google spreadsheet through Forms

What it does

Each time gekko completes a trade (live or paper) it updates a google sheet with the trade price and new balances via a post request to a google form. One form can be used to submit data from all bots, a new sheet is automatically created for each pair and exchange combination. Each sheet has a basic list of trades and overall P/L as well as % profitable trades, slippage from advice price, exposure time, and time taken to fill the order. Profit and loss in a FIAT currency at time of trade is also recorded using the cryptocompare API - Useful if you need to do tax calculations.

Each sheet looks like this: alt text ^From testing with a paper trader set up purely to generate lots of trades - I'll get a better image when I have one!

Setup Instructions:

Setup on Gekko host

  • Download/Clone this repo.
  • Copy the gforms.js into gekko/plugins - this is the main plugin code.
  • Copy the code below into gekko/plugins.js, between the existing plugins. This registers the plugin with Gekko.
    name: 'Google Forms',
    description: 'Logs Trades to Google Forms',
    slug: 'gforms',
    async: false,
    modes: ['realtime'],
    dependencies: [{
      module: 'request',
      version: '2.85.0'
  • Copy the code from sample-config.js into your CLI config file.

Finally, the 'require' module is needed - in your gekko root run

npm i require --save

Setup in Google Drive

  • Make a copy of this google sheet (Right Click, Make Copy) into your google drive.
  • In the Config tab of the copied sheet, follow the setup instructions.

Link the two!

  • From the instructions in the google sheet, you should have your prefilled form link on the clipboard.
  • Paste into the prefill field in your gekko cli config.js file.
  • Add a tag for your bot in the 'tag' field.

Note that it will take a couple of sells before all the sparkline graphs start working properly - until then they'll all read #NA. If the first recorded action is a sell you will need to work out the profit for that yourself and add it to the spreadsheet.

If you want to leave a tip, go give it to askmike and support gekko! If you've already done that and still want to leave a tip, thanks!


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