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ROCm Core Technology

ROCm: Platform for GPU Enabled HPC and UltraScale Computing

Pinned repositories

  1. HCC is an Open Source, Optimizing C++ Compiler for Heterogeneous Compute currently for the ROCm GPU Computing Platform

    C++ 362 90

  2. ROCm - Open Source Platform for HPC and Ultrascale GPU Computing

    1.2k 116

  3. Dockerfiles for the various software layers defined in the Radeon Open Compute Platform

    Shell 163 33

  4. AMDGPU Driver with KFD used by the ROCm project. Also contains the current Linux Kernel that matches this base driver

    C 124 40

  5. Radeon Open Compute Thunk Interface

    C 36 27

  6. ROCm Software Platform Documentation

    C++ 50 41

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