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.NET client binding for Neo4j
C# Visual Basic
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What is Neo4jClient?

A .NET client for neo4j. Supports basic CRUD operations, Cypher and Gremlin queries via fluent interfaces, and some indexing operations.

Grab the latest drop straight from the Neo4jClient package on NuGet.

Read our wiki doco.

Current Builds

The official neo4jclient build and nuget package is automated via MyGet build services. Contributors can test private builds using MyGet build services under their own account.

Stable neo4jclient-tx MyGet Build Status

Breaking Changes in 1.1

  • CollectAs now returns IEnumerable<T> and not IEnumerable<Node<T>>
  • IHttpClient now contains a Username and Password getter, this should have an effect if you're using a custom HttpClient for Authentication. You no longer need to use a custom HttpClient, the GraphClient supports authentication now.

License Information

Licensed under MS-PL. See LICENSE in the root of this repository for full license text.

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