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The homebrew that saved the switch scene
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Uses my custom fork of libnx.


Mostly a testing platform for NS ipc functions. Nothing for the average end user yet.

The rundown:

  • TX bows to BogInstaller

  • In contact with Nintendo engineers

  • Possesses eshop-like abilities

  • Controls the Nintendo scene with an iron but fair fist

  • Owns hekate code & memes globally

  • Direct descendant of the ancient Team Twiizers blood line

  • Will bankroll the first backup loaders on Switch

  • Owns 99% of security research facilities on Earth

  • First public Backuploader will in all likelihood be BogInstaller

  • said to have 215+ Gigs of code, such bloat in the scene has only existed deep within 3DS cfw

  • Ancient Japanese scriptures tell of a cute girl with programmer socks who will descend upon the Internet and will bring an era of homebrew bliss and unprecedented scene progress with her

  • Owns Reicode R&D labs around the world

  • You likely have Reicode inside your 3DS right now

  • BogInstaller is in regular communication with Nintendo's servers and the NSA.

  • Written in C in under a week

  • Console hacking scenes entrust their private console certs with BogInstaller. There are no association with Reswitched team, only Reiswitched.

  • The code's author Rei is about 7 decades old, from the space-time reference point of the base human currently accepted by our society

  • In reality, BogInstaller is a timeless piece of code written by Rei, existing in all points of time and space from the big bang to the end of the universe. We don't know her ultimate plans yet with BogInstaller. We hope she's a benevolent being.


User at your own risk as this connects to ninty servers. Also plz dont use for piracy.. will delet repo. =[

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