Trello like kanban board. Based on Restya platform.
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Trello like kanban board. Restyaboard is based on Restya platform.

For Free Installation, contact us

Status: Active

  • Project is active! Follow development in dev branch
  • Upcoming milestone





To upgrade, overwrite application files and apply respective DB script:


Current Status / Plans / Roadamap

To give you some idea about of our plans:

Under release

  • Notifier iOS App (Non-open source; free with IAP)


  • Undisclosed domain centric plugins
  • Marketplace for ecosystem
    • Allow developers to make money
  • Apps listing platform
    • Find apps easily

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do you have any installation instruction for Windows?

Please find in Restyaboard Install in Windows document. If you face any issue, please feel free to open a ticket

Do you have any installation instruction for Apache?

Please check Restyaboard Install in Apache

Getting blank page after install

Most likely it is related to your DB credentials. Please also check install log and see if your setup was complete without any errors.

How can I contribute to Restyaboard translation?

Please translate Restyaboard via transifex


Our approach is similar to Magento. If anything is not clear, please contact us.

All Submissions you make to Restya through GitHub are subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • You grant Restya a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, no charge, royalty free, irrevocable license under your applicable copyrights and patents to reproduce, prepare derivative works of, display, publicly perform, sublicense and distribute any feedback, ideas, code, or other information ("Submission") you submit through GitHub.
  • Your Submission is an original work of authorship and you are the owner or are legally entitled to grant the license stated above.


Required sofware: nginx, php-fpm (with mbstring), PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, Grunt

  • grunt less - Converts LESS to CSS
  • grunt jst - Converts EJS to JS
  • grunt watch - Converts LESS to CSS and EJS to JS, automatically by "watching" for file changes
  • restyaboard_with_empty_data.sql - Database generation script
  • server/php/ - Database and other configurations
  • media, client/img, tmp/cache & server/php/shell/*.sh - Need write permission for php; can be chmod 655 or 755 or 777 depending upon server configuration
  • grunt build:live - Generates, deployable code. Replace your DB details in build/live.json.


Copyright (c) 2014-2018 Restya.

Dual License (OSL 3.0 & Commercial License)