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Making RetroPie identify 2 players instead of one with the Xin-Mo

Add the following to /boot/cmdline.txt -- just add a space to the end of the existing entry, so it is all on one line):


The first two numbers are the vendor ID 16c0 and product ID 05e1.

If you have a "Juyao Dual Arcade", it is the same device, but the vendor ID is 0314 and the product ID is 0328:


You can find your vendor/product using lsusb

More details in these threads generally.

Older Info

If you have troubles with the Xin-Mo driver you can find a guide for patching the driver at

The troubles I had configuring a joystick with the Xin-Mo controller, besides the previous one:


The MAME emulator only reads 16 buttons of the joysticks, so only use the first 16 button inputs of the controller (from 0 to 15). So if you don't have many buttons (6 by player, 2 Start and 2 service) work alright. You can make the MAME4ALL-PI to use more buttons by modifiying the source and compiling it, but it's not an easy task.

PIFBA (NeoGeo and other Arcade)

The emulator expects one controller for each player (e.g. 2 UBS controllers), as the Xin-Mo is detected as only one, the PIFBA only loads the Player 1 controls (no matter what you have on the fba2x.cfg). So in order to make it work I had to edit the source (not in the bets way, but it works), the following files:

  • /rpi/fba_player.cpp
  • /rpi/gp2xsdk.cpp
  • /rpi/gp2xsdk.h (maybe its not required, only for the default values)

fba_player.cpp: To force do_keypad() to create 2 FBA_KEYPAD, I forced joyCount=2, so the for loop executes 2 times

gp2xsdk.cpp: In pi_joystick_read(int which1) I changed all joy_buttons[1] to joy_buttons[0], because both players are in the first joystick (0). Also, the movements for the second joystick axis (joyaxis_LR_2 and joyaxis_UD_2) are not defined, so you have to add them in pi_process_events (void), inside case SDL_JOYAXISMOTION: like this:

                            if(event.jaxis.axis == joyaxis_LR) {
                                    if(event.jaxis.value > -10000 && event.jaxis.value < 10000)
                                            joy_axes[event.jbutton.which][joyaxis_LR] = CENTER;
                                    else if(event.jaxis.value > 10000)
                                            joy_axes[event.jbutton.which][joyaxis_LR] = RIGHT;
                                            joy_axes[event.jbutton.which][joyaxis_LR] = LEFT;
                            if(event.jaxis.axis == joyaxis_UD) {
                                    if(event.jaxis.value > -10000 && event.jaxis.value < 10000)
                                            joy_axes[event.jbutton.which][joyaxis_UD] = CENTER;
                                    else if(event.jaxis.value > 10000)
                                            joy_axes[event.jbutton.which][joyaxis_UD] = DOWN;
                                            joy_axes[event.jbutton.which][joyaxis_UD] = UP;
                            if(event.jaxis.axis == joyaxis_LR_2) {
                                   if(event.jaxis.value > -10000 && event.jaxis.value < 10000)
                                            joy_axes[event.jbutton.which][joyaxis_LR_2] = CENTER;
                                    else if(event.jaxis.value > 10000)
                                            joy_axes[event.jbutton.which][joyaxis_LR_2] = RIGHT;
                                            joy_axes[event.jbutton.which][joyaxis_LR_2] = LEFT;
                            if(event.jaxis.axis == joyaxis_UD_2) {
                                    if(event.jaxis.value > -10000 && event.jaxis.value < 10000)
                                            joy_axes[event.jbutton.which][joyaxis_UD_2] = CENTER;
                                    else if(event.jaxis.value > 10000)
                                            joy_axes[event.jbutton.which][joyaxis_UD_2] = DOWN;
                                            joy_axes[event.jbutton.which][joyaxis_UD_2] = UP;