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function Set-AdaptivaServer
# Define which keys to update
$RegPathAdaptivaClient = 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Adaptiva\Client'
$ClientKeyServerName = 'server_locator.server_name'
$ClientKeyServerHostName = 'setup.server_host_name'
$ClientKeyInactive = 'client_data_manager.inactivated_client'
$ClientKeyMigrate = 'client_data_manager.migrated_client'
# Find the path to AdaptivaServiceRestart.exe
$InstallPath = Get-ItemPropertyValue -Path $RegPathAdaptivaClient -Name 'slm.installation_path'
$RestartExeChildPath = '\bin\AdaptivaServiceRestart.exe'
$RestartExePath = Join-Path -Path $InstallPath -ChildPath $RestartExeChildPath
# Update the servername in registry
Set-ItemProperty -Path $RegPathAdaptivaClient -Name $ClientKeyServerName -Value $Server
Set-ItemProperty -Path $RegPathAdaptivaClient -Name $ClientKeyServerHostName -Value $Server
# Set keys to notify Adaptiva to migrate at next service start
Set-ItemProperty -Path $RegPathAdaptivaClient -Name $ClientKeyInactive -Value ''
Set-ItemProperty -Path $RegPathAdaptivaClient -Name $ClientKeyMigrate -Value 'true'
# Restart the AdaptivaClient service
$Result = Start-Process -FilePath $RestartExePath -ArgumentList " 10 AdaptivaClient" -PassThru
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