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Vim plugin that use clang for completing C/C++ code.
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Merge pull request #448 from DroZ-hun/optional_parameters

Optional parameters were not present in completion menu.
This change adds them in this format: foo(int a, int b=?)
It would be great if it would be possible to print the exact value
instead of '?', but this is better then nothing.
Snippet can also contain default argument if
g:clang_complete_optional_args_in_snippets is set to 1.
latest commit b8a541777c
@xaizek xaizek authored


This plugin uses clang for accurately completing C and C++ code.

To build and install in one step, type:
$ make install

To build and install in two steps, type:
$ make
$ vim clang_complete.vmb -c 'so %' -c 'q'

Alternatively, you can also put the files in ~/.vim/

You need Vim 7.3 or higher, compiled with python support and ideally, with
the conceal feature.

See doc/clang_complete.txt for help and license.
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