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A microservice to store AIPs and DIPs in Fedora.

gemini is part of Project Electron, an initiative to build sustainable, open and user-centered infrastructure for the archival management of digital records at the Rockefeller Archive Center.

Build Status


Install git and clone the repository

$ git clone

Install Docker and run docker-compose from the root directory

$ cd gemini
$ docker-compose up

Once the application starts successfully, you should be able to access the application in your browser at http://localhost:8006

When you're done, shut down docker-compose

$ docker-compose down

Or, if you want to remove all data

$ docker-compose down -v


You will need to edit configuration values in gemini/ to point to your instances of Archivematica and Fedora.


gemini has three services, all of which are exposed via HTTP endpoints (see Routes section below):

  • Download Packages
    • Polling the Archivematica Storage Service for packages.
    • Determining if the package has already been stored by checking whether or not it exists as an object in gemini's database. If the package has already been processed, gemini skips it and goes to the next one.
    • Downloading the package from the Archivematica Storage Service.
  • Store Packages
    • Storing the package in Fedora, along with minimal metadata.
    • Creating a package object in gemini's database.
    • Delivering a POST request to a configurable URL. This request has a payload containing the URI of the stored package in Fedora, the package type ("aip" or "dip") and the value of the Internal-Sender-Identifier field from the package's bag-info.txt file.
  • Request Cleanup - send a request to another service to clean up after a package has been processed.

File storage diagram


Method URL Parameters Response Behavior
GET /packages 200 Returns a list of packages
GET /packages/{id} 200 Returns data about an individual package
POST /download 200 Runs the download routine
POST /store 200 Runs the store routine
POST /request-cleanup 200 Notifies another service that processing is complete
GET /status 200 Return the status of the microservice
GET /schema.json 200 Returns the OpenAPI schema for this application


gemini uses structlog to output structured JSON logs. Logging can be configured in gemini/


This code is released under an MIT License.