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A Hexo plugin to generate static post link based on post titles.

How to install

Add plugin to Hexo:

npm install hexo-abbrlink --save

Modify permalink in config.yml file:

permalink: posts/:abbrlink/

There are two settings:

alg -- Algorithm (currently support crc16 and crc32, which crc16 is default)
rep -- Represent (the generated link could be presented in hex or dec value)
# abbrlink config
  alg: crc32  #support crc16(default) and crc32
  rep: hex    #support dec(default) and hex


The generated link will look like the following:

crc16 & hex

crc16 & dec
crc32 & hex

crc32 & dec


Maximum number of posts is 65535 for crc16. (For a personal blog site, this number is decent)

More info

see this(Chinese)