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Status, Announcements & Maintenance

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Not available due to bug:


Version 1.0 of IPFS-Cluster was installed (2022-04-26)

As version 1.0 is not compatible with other version, it is needed to upgrade your systems if you want to take part in the collaborative cluster.

A new version of this cluster was released (2020-07-07)

The old cluster will unpin all pins and shut down in the next days.

To follow the new cluster, use the command in the readme.

You'll need to manually remove the old cluster database (around 9 GB - usually found in ${HOME}/.ipfs-cluster-follow/ The new cluster will significantly reduce the size of it's database.

Cluster version 0.12.1 and 0.13 are incompatible.

Use only ipfs-cluster-follower in version 0.13. If you have an existing database, remove it and resync after the update.

Maintenance log