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(ns smx.cassandra.component
(:require [clojure.core.async :as async]
[ :as log]
[qbits.alia :as alia]
[qbits.alia.policy.retry :as retry]
[qbits.alia.policy.load-balancing :as balance]
[com.stuartsierra.component :as cp]
[schema.core :as s])
(:import [clojure.lang Keyword IPersistentMap]
[com.datastax.driver.core Cluster Session PreparedStatement Statement]
[com.datastax.driver.core.policies LoadBalancingPolicy RetryPolicy]))
;;; Schema
(s/defschema RawQuery
"A raw query can either be a String or a Hayt map"
(s/either String IPersistentMap))
(s/defschema AliaExecutable
"Alia is capable of executing these types of Statements/Queries"
(s/either RawQuery PreparedStatement Statement))
(s/defschema Executable
"We can execute either an AliaExecutable of a keyword identifying a PreparedStatement on the Connection"
(s/either Keyword AliaExecutable))
(s/defschema Command
"A tuple of Executable and optional values (positional/list or named/map) to be bound"
[(s/one Executable "Executable") (s/optional (s/either [s/Any] {Keyword s/Any}) "Values")])
(s/defschema Queries
"Each connection can be configured with a map of RawQuery to prepare"
{Keyword RawQuery})
(s/defschema Prepared
"When a Connection starts it converts any configured RawQuery into PreparedStatement"
{Keyword PreparedStatement})
;;; Cluster Configuration & Lifecycle
(def ClusterConfig
"Partial cluster configuration schema, for the full set see: alia/cluster docstring"
{:contact-points [String]
:port Number
(s/optional-key :query-options) {(s/optional-key :fetch-size) Number
(s/optional-key :consistency) Keyword
(s/optional-key :serial-consistency) Keyword}
(s/optional-key :retry-policy) Keyword
(s/optional-key :load-balancing-policy) Keyword
s/Any s/Any})
(s/defn ->retry-policy :- RetryPolicy
"Translate a keyword into a retry policy"
[target :- (s/maybe Keyword)]
(let [policy (case target
:default (retry/default-retry-policy)
:fallthrough (retry/fallthrough-retry-policy)
:downgrading (retry/downgrading-consistency-retry-policy)
:logging->default (retry/logging-retry-policy (retry/default-retry-policy))
:logging->fallthrough (retry/logging-retry-policy (retry/fallthrough-retry-policy))
:logging->downgrading (retry/logging-retry-policy (retry/downgrading-consistency-retry-policy))
(log/info "retry-policy" target "=>" policy)
(s/defn ->load-balancing-policy :- LoadBalancingPolicy
"Translate a keyword into a load balancing policy, Default is token->round-robin"
[target :- (s/maybe Keyword)]
(let [policy (case target
:round-robin (balance/round-robin-policy)
(balance/token-aware-policy (balance/round-robin-policy)))]
(log/info "load-balancing-policy" target "=>" policy)
(s/defn parse-cluster-config
"Upgrade cluster configuration map"
[config :- ClusterConfig]
(-> (update config :retry-policy ->retry-policy)
(update :load-balancing-policy ->load-balancing-policy)))
(extend-type Cluster
(start [this]
(log/info "initializing cluster")
(.init this))
(stop [this]
(log/info "stopping cluster")
(.close this)
(log/info "cluster stopped")
;;; Prepared Statements
(s/defn ->prepared :- Prepared
"Upgrade each RawQuery to a PreparedStatement"
[session :- Session
queries :- Queries]
(reduce (fn [ret [k v]]
(log/info "preparing" k v)
(assoc ret k (alia/prepare session v))) {}
(s/defn prepared :- (s/maybe PreparedStatement)
"Retrieve a prepared statement from the Connection"
[connection :- Connection
key :- Keyword]
(get-in connection [:prepared key]))
(s/defn prepared? :- Boolean
"Has this connection prepared all statements described by queries?"
[connection :- Connection
queries :- Queries]
(every? #(prepared connection %) (keys queries)))
;;; Component
(s/defrecord Connection [keyspace :- String
queries :- (s/maybe Queries)
prepared :- (s/maybe Prepared)
session :- (s/maybe Session)
cluster :- (s/maybe Cluster)
default-fetch-size :- (s/maybe Number)]
(start [this]
(assert (and cluster keyspace) "cluster and/or keyspace cannot be nil")
(let [session (alia/connect cluster keyspace)
default-fetch-size (-> session
(log/info "initializing connection with default-fetch-size" default-fetch-size)
(assoc this :session session
:prepared (->prepared session queries)
:default-fetch-size default-fetch-size)))
(stop [this]
(log/info "closing connection")
(alia/shutdown (:session this))
(log/info "connection closed")
;;; Public
(s/defn fetch-size :- Number
"Get the fetch-size from opts, or default fetch size from connection"
([connection :- Connection]
(:default-fetch-size connection))
([connection :- Connection
(or (:fetch-size opts) (:default-fetch-size connection))))
(s/defn execute
([connection executable]
(execute connection executable nil))
([connection :- Connection
executable :- Executable
(log/trace "executing" executable opts)
(if-let [executable (if (keyword? executable) (prepared connection executable) executable)]
;; Note: alia/execute-chan-buffered because of
(alia/execute-chan-buffered (:session connection) executable opts)
(let [err-chan (or (:channel opts) (async/chan 1))]
(async/put! err-chan (ex-info "invalid executable" {:executable executable}))
(async/close! err-chan)
(s/defn execute-batch
([connection commands]
(execute-batch connection commands :logged))
([connection commands batch-type]
(execute-batch connection commands batch-type nil))
([connection :- Connection
commands :- [Command]
batch-type :- Keyword
(log/trace "executing batch" commands opts)
(:session connection)
(alia/batch (map (fn [[executable vals]]
(if-let [executable (if (keyword? executable) (prepared connection executable) executable)]
(alia/query->statement executable vals)
(throw (ex-info "invalid executable" {:executable executable}))))
commands) batch-type)
(catch Throwable thr
(let [err-chan (or (:channel opts) (async/chan 1))]
(async/put! err-chan thr)
(async/close! err-chan)
;;; Initialization
(s/defn ->cluster :- Cluster
"Create a new cassandra cluster"
[config :- ClusterConfig]
(alia/cluster (parse-cluster-config config)))
(s/defn ->connection :- Connection
"Create a new cassandra connection
- keyspace: the cassandra keyspace to connect to
- queries: a map of keyword to string or hayt query to be prepared and made available
Results returned on a core.async channel, exceptions may be placed on the channel at any point"
(->connection keyspace nil))
([keyspace :- String
queries :- (s/maybe Queries)]
(map->Connection {:keyspace keyspace
:queries queries})))
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