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Mason SRCT

SRCT was a student organization which provided innovative technologies to benefit the student community at GMU. Want to adopt SRCT? Contact a team leader!


  1. go go Public archive

    University-branded URL shortener

    Python 2 3

  2. schedules schedules Public archive

    Browse the GMU course catalog, professors, and build your course schedule

    Ruby 2

  3. srctweb srctweb Public archive

    SRCT's own little site on the world wide web.

    HTML 2

  4. whats-open-web whats-open-web Public archive

    See What's Open on campus right now.


  5. whats-open whats-open Public archive

    A REST API that lets query for which on-campus facilities are currently available. -- Mirrored from

    Python 4 1

  6. where where Public archive

    Map out points of interest at Mason, like water fountains, bathrooms, and study spots.

    Python 1


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