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Support for deploying and using HPX

Welcome to HPX! We use GitHub for tracking bugs and feature requests. Please see for the resources below if you are looking for the right place to get support for using HPX.


Reporting security issues and vulnerabilities

Please send us an email describing the issue. See our security policy for details.

Real-time Chat

  • #ste||ar on Libera.Chat: this is the best option to get in contact with us as most of the developers are available on this channel. Check out the channel archives for past conversations. The channel can also be accessed through Matrix.
  • Slack (registration): The #hpx channel is another place where people usually offer support.

Mailing Lists/Groups

  • hpx-users group, see here for past conversations. This is the main mailing list for user questions and HPX announcements.
  • hpx-devel group, see here for past conversations. This is the main mailing list for development discussion and voting.
  • hpx-pmc group. The project management committee (PMC) can be reached at this address.

Latest News

  • For latest news and announcements please see our blog.

Stack Overflow

The HPX Community is active on Stack Overflow, you can post your questions there: