A simple React component that is resizable with a handle.
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A simple widget that can be resized via a handle.

You can either use the <Resizable> element directly, or use the much simpler <ResizableBox> element.

See the example and associated code in TestLayout and ResizableBox for more details.

Make sure you use the associated styles in /css/styles.css, as without them, you will have problems with handle placement and visibility.

You can pass options directly to the underlying DraggableCore instance by using the prop draggableOpts. See the demo for more on this.


Using npm:

$ npm install --save react-resizable


const Resizable = require('react-resizable').Resizable; // or,
const ResizableBox = require('react-resizable').ResizableBox;

// ES6
import { Resizable, ResizableBox } from 'react-resizable';

// ...
render() {
  return (
    <ResizableBox width={200} height={200} draggableOpts={{...}}
        minConstraints={[100, 100]} maxConstraints={[300, 300]}>


These props apply to both <Resizable> and <ResizableBox>.

  children: React.Element<any>,
  width: number,
  height: number,
  // If you change this, be sure to update your css
  handleSize: [number, number] = [10, 10],
  lockAspectRatio: boolean = false,
  axis: 'both' | 'x' | 'y' | 'none' = 'both',
  minConstraints: [number, number] = [10, 10],
  maxConstraints: [number, number] = [Infinity, Infinity],
  onResizeStop?: ?(e: SyntheticEvent, data: ResizeCallbackData) => any,
  onResizeStart?: ?(e: SyntheticEvent, data: ResizeCallbackData) => any,
  onResize?: ?(e: SyntheticEvent, data: ResizeCallbackData) => any,
  draggableOpts?: ?Object