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Now that openSUSE 12.3 is out, the openSUSE ARM Team want to step up a gear. As the cycle was shorter than normal, there are a few wrinkles that need to be ironed out and also a whole heap of new things that can be added. After some discussion at FOSDEM, it was decided to hold a Hackathon to address these items. The Hackathon will take place on 08 to 12 April, both at the SUSE offices in Nuremberg as well as online for those that can't attend in person.

We have a long TODO list:

  • AArch64 fixes for 12.3 & Factory
  • Build openSUSE 12.3 for Raspberry Pi
  • Resolve outstanding 12.3 ARM Image issues
  • Release 12.3 images
  • Create OpenStack images for ARM
  • Setup KVM capable hardware as workers for external build service
  • Build OBS Worker image for armv7l
  • Setup emulator hardware for AArch64
  • Get Xen on Chromebook & Arndale running
  • Tune OBS for more optimized ARM builds

There will also be the opportunity for new device bring up for those that want to, but our intention is to work through and complete as much of the above TODO list as possible first. For those interested in joining in the fun, please either join us in Nuremberg and/or join the opensuse-arm mailing list, the #opensuse-arm IRC channel on Freenode and also keep an eye on the openSUSE on ARM Trello board. If you have any questions please let us know on the mailing list or on IRC.


Andrew Wafaa originated this idea.

Alexander Graf

Dirk Müller

Marcus Schäfer

Bernhard M. Wiedemann (OpenStack, Raspberry Pi)

Max Lin (CuBox)

David Chang (CuBox)

Bamvor Jian Zhang (Cubieboard)


Project in progress.

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by Cornelius Schumacher

Geeko go!

by Bamvor Jian Zhang

i was interested in "Get Xen on Chromebook & Arndale running". and i buy Arndale from vendor(howchip) in the early of March. But now, they said that my board will ship within two weeks, definitely after hackweek...

meanwhile, i want to try to add opensuse support for cubieboard(based on Allwinner A10 SOC). Allwinner A10 has good support on kernel 3.0, i am not sure whether i could run opensuse 12.3 on kenel 3.0, if not i need to update the kernel then learn how to use kiwi generate the image.

by Max Lin

David Chang and me have CuBox in our hand, since we alreay have openSUSE 12.3 CuBox JeOS image, this hackweek, we'll try to build XFCE image(kiwi) and packaging xorg-dovefb video driver(compatible with 12.3 kernel) on CuBox. Have fun!

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