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This document describes the bylaws of the Sabayon Community Repositories Developers group, its mission, and duties.


The bylaws define the mission of the SCR, and SCRDs are required to follow these rules. They are intended to help the SCR thrive and keep the SCR reliable and useful to the community.


The SCR aims to provide additional packages to the community that cannot be supported by the main Sabayon developers. There are two classes of repository in the SCR:

  • The general “community” repository. This should contain low-risk packages; those that are available in Portage Overlays, and are beneficial to the majority of the Sabayon user community.
  • Special-purpose repositories, containing packages incompatible with the community repository, or other high-risk packages which might only be used by a small subset of the user community.


The Sabayon Community Repositories Developers (SCRDs) are expected to do the following:

  • Maintain, manage, and watch over the operation of the SCR.
  • Maintain popular packages (communicating with upstream and sending patches as needed).
  • Ensure that packages in SCR comply with the SCR guidelines.
  • Ensure that existing packages in the “for-gentoo” and “sabayon-distro” overlays that are more suited to the SCR (as described by the guidelines) are moved appropriately.
  • Prevent and respond to abuse of SCR infrastructure and services.
  • Vote in administrative matters relating to the SCR.