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PIGI v0.8.4 Patch Notes


PIGI 0.8.4 is now stable cross platform with Windows 7,8,10 and (yee-haw) now on Macintosh. PIGI license key validation now has more automation. Aside from the first login it's pretty hands-free. Thanks again to those of you who participated in the workshops, gave feedback, and very valuable bug smashing! Special thanks also to OrbitOz and Uni Melbourne Space Program for being exceptional hosts.

During this time we also made online sign-ups possible at

Major Features

  • Online Licencing Compatibility
  • OpenGL Support

Minor Features

  • Satellite Field of Vision
  • Uninstall icon added

Bug Fixes

  • FoV Angle
  • Star brightness
  • Speed toggle
  • Full screen issue (Mac only)

Hot Fixes