Half Life Model Viewer

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Half-Life Model Viewer is a brand new tool based on HLMV 1.25 and Jed's Model Viewer 1.36 that provides an entirely rebuilt model viewer. Unlike previous model viewers, this tool uses a cross-platform GUI library, minimizes direct use of platform specific code, and is designed to allow for maximum code reuse.


See the releases for a download link: https://github.com/SamVanheer/HL_Tools/releases


Model viewer provides a number of options that allow for customization and enables it to provide a more complete representation of the models it has.

Game configurations

Game configurations allow model viewer to access game content located in both the main game directory, as well as SteamPipe directories. It also supports mod directories. See Game configurations for more information.


V2.1 Beta

  • Upgraded FMod sound system from FMod Ex to FMod Studio (Thanks Joël Troch)
  • Fixed program icon not being used
  • Activated Windows XP support to prevent compatibility issues
  • Added global model flags control panel

V2.0 Beta

Changes compared to Jed's Model Viewer and HLMV 1.25:

  • Fixed UI bone controller sliders resetting to default despite the actual controllers being different
  • Mirror on ground correctly limits itself to the floor quad by using the stencil buffer
  • Fullscreen mode is actually fullscreen now
  • Sound playback handles SteamPipe directory structure properly
  • Settings are managed through an options dialog, rather than individual menu items
  • Merged the Weapon Origin panel with the Sequences panel; Switching between free view and weapon origin is done using a separate radio button group
  • Fixed a typo in the model info output: Attatchments -> Attachments
  • Moved the "Drawn Polys" text to the main bar
  • Added FPS counter
  • Added logging to file support
  • Converted mathlib to C++, changed to use GLM
  • Added checkboxes for mirroring on each axis (helps simulate Counter-Strike weapon model looks)
  • Fixed model viewer not shutting down when closed
  • CPU usage is more reasonable
  • New control panels have been added to provide more data analysis:
    • Attachments panel: Lists all attachments and highlights the currently selected attachment
    • Bones panel: Lists all bones and highlights the currently selected bone
  • Coordinate system matches Half-Life's version
  • Drag and drop support for models
  • Corrected view right vector calculation
  • Chrome now uses floating point coordinates for better accuracy (Thanks DoomMusic)
  • Chrome calculations are now much closer to those of the engine
  • New options have been added:
    • Cull backfaces
    • Adjust First and Third person Field Of View
    • Display surface normals
    • Show world axes, just like Hammer does
    • Multiply pitch with framerate to simulate pitch changes
  • Text boxes that represent numbers use widgets that restrict input to numeric characters
  • The texture in the Textures panel can be dragged around
  • Maximum zoom level in the Textures panel is now x 10
  • Increased maximum range for light vector manipulation
  • Added button combination to control light vector Z axis: holding down CTRL and SHIFT enables it
  • Added front-end for StudioMdl and MdlDec command line tools; this uses a generalized template approach for command line configurations to allow you to easily run the tools with slight differences in input
  • The editor for QC files is now the system default for the file type
  • Added option to edit sequence events
  • Implemented high FPS render loop with frame limiter to prevent stuttering.
  • Added fullbright rendering support (Svengine specific).


Modern UI

Half-Life Model Viewer uses wxWidgets, which provides it with a modern, cross-platform UI.

Bone information

The new Bones control panel displays information about each bone and highlights the currently selected bone.

Attachment information

The new Attachments control panel displays information about each attachment and highlights the currently selected attachment.

Updated Weapon Origin view

The Weapon Origin view has been updated. It can now be used at any time, rather than when using a specific control panel. The Field Of View for both Free view and Weapon Origin view can be adjusted separately.


Several improvements have been made to the mirroring of models. The Mirror On Ground option now restricts itself to the ground, rather than being rendered underneath regardless of whether it's visibly inside the ground area.

It is now possible to mirror the model itself on all 3 axes. This allows you to view Counter-Strike weapon models as they appear in-game by mirroring them on the Y axis.