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import json
import time
import gspread
from oauth2client.client import SignedJwtAssertionCredentials
from import Client
json_key = json.load(open('')) #add file name for the json created for the spread sheet
scope = ['']
credentials = SignedJwtAssertionCredentials(json_key['client_email'], json_key['private_key'].encode(), scope)
gc = gspread.authorize(credentials)
wks ="") #add your spreadsheet name here
wks_attendees = wks.get_worksheet(0) #attendees worksheet
wks_food = wks.get_worksheet(1) #foodresponses worksheet
ACCOUNT_SID = os.environ['Twilio_account_per']
AUTH_TOKEN = os.environ['Twilio_account_token_per']
client = Client(ACCOUNT_SID, AUTH_TOKEN)
for num in range(2,60): #to iterate between 10 to 60 manual hack to ensure no guests not left out
val_food_guest_name = wks_food.acell('B' +str(num)).value #food choice name column
if val_food_guest_name:
val_attendees_name = wks_attendees.find(val_food_guest_name).value
val_attendees_name_row = wks_attendees.find(val_food_guest_name).row
val_menu_status = wks_attendees.acell("G" + str(val_attendees_name_row)).value
guest_meals_confirmed = wks_attendees.acell('C78').value
guest_meals_unconfirmed = wks_attendees.acell('C79').value
if val_food_guest_name == val_attendees_name:
if val_menu_status == 'Y': #data already matched, move on
else: #user has supplied their choices, update main spreadsheet
print ('Food sheet name ' + val_food_guest_name + 'Attendees sheet name ' + val_attendees_name)
#update menu choices row
wks_attendees.update_acell("G" + str(attendees_name_row), 'Y')
print('nothing found, moving on')
wks_attendees.update_acell('E'+str(num), int(wks.acell('E' +str(num)).value) + 1) #increment the message count row
#send message to the admin that the process has been completed with update stats
from_="", #twilio number here
to="", #admin number here
body ="Finished processing current meal list\n\nGuest meals confirmed" + guest_meals_confirmed + "\n\nGuest meals unconfirmed: " + guest_meals_unconfirmed)