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Sermon Distributor (2.0.x)

Sermon Distributor image

Distributor is a highly advanced sermon distributor that runs on the Joomla 3.x framework. You can link a shared folder from Dropbox to the component and use Dropbox as your file host, not to mention the advanced auto builder that gives you the ability to simply load sermons to your website by only adding them to Dropbox.

The best way to see all your options is to install this component on you Joomla website and test all features yourself. Here is a direct download link

If you like our component please rate it on the Joomla Index

Example Website, That Has Over 6000 Audio Files

Some Video Demonstrations

Build Details

Build Time

193 Hours or 24 Eight Hour Days (actual time the author saved - due to Automated Component Builder)

(if creating a folder and file took 5 seconds and writing one line of code took 10 seconds, never making one mistake or taking any coffee break.)

  • Line count: 69273
  • File count: 443
  • Folder count: 93

128 Hours or 16 Eight Hour Days (the actual time the author spent)

(with the following break down: debugging @48hours = codingtime / 4; planning @28hours = codingtime / 7; mapping @19hours = codingtime / 10; office @32hours = codingtime / 6;)

321 Hours or 40 Eight Hour Days (a total of the realistic time frame for this project)

(if creating a folder and file took 5 seconds and writing one line of code took 10 seconds, with the normal everyday realities at the office, that includes the component planning, mapping & debugging.)

Project duration: 8 weeks or 1.7 months

This component was build with a Joomla Automated Component Builder. Developed by Llewellyn van der Merwe


Come on buy me a coffee :)

  • PayPal:
  • Bitcoin: 18vURxYpPFjvNk8BnUy1ovCAyQmY3MzkSf
  • Ethereum: 0x9548144662b47327c954f3e214edb96662d51218


Home of the Sermon Distributor component for Joomla 3.x




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