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ORCID WordPress Plugin

This is a WordPress plugin that displays ORCIDs in comments and posts. The ORCID for post authors can be entered as a user option, and the ORCID for commentors is optionally entered in the Wordpress comments form.


  • use OAuth to allow social login via orcid.org
  • add ORCID to admin/update comment page


The ORCID Wordpress plugin adds a Settings page and a user option to the Wordpress admin interface. Users can add their ORCID to their profile, and administrators can choose to add these to posts, or pages, at either the top or the bottom of the post. The ORCID number is displayed as text, hyperlinked to the users ORCID profile, along with the ORCID logo.

In addition, administators can allow commentors to add their ORCID.

Notes for theme developers

The ORCID HTML output is attached by default to either the top or bottom of the_content, or at the top or bottom the the comment_text. This can be overridden by turning off the settings for adding ORCID automatically, and placing the the_orcid_author or the_orcid_comment_author directly in the theme code.

The default HTML produced is <div class="wp_orcid_field"><a href="http://orcid.org/%s" target="_blank" rel="author">%s</a></div>, where %s in each case represents the ORCID number. This can be overridden by creating a hook called orcid_field_html for example:

add_filter('orcid_field_html', 'my_orcid_field_html');
function my_orcid_field_html() {
	return '<ul><li>ORCID: %s</li></ul>'

to get something really ugly.