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  • Added
  • Binary file IO now supported.
  • Better handle missing input files.
  • Chains-on-chains partition available
  • CPD now accepts --seed parameter for reproducibility (works in MPI too)
  • LAPACK now used


  • Updated to include MPI instructions.
  • splatt-check now outputs 1-indexed .map files.
  • splatt-check now sums duplicate nonzeros.
  • Memory allocations are now 64-byte aligned with posix_memalign. Memory allocation can be adjusted by altering splatt_malloc.
  • Fixed extern "C" typo in include/splatt.h


  • Added support for fine-grained MPI decomposition.
  • Point-to-point communication now uses paired Irecv and Isend.
  • Fixed setup bugs for >3D medium-grained decompositions.


  • First stable release, includes API changes.