A syntax highlighter for the Dalvik bytecode language, Smali
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Smali Sublime Syntax

Context-aware syntax highlighting for Sublime Text 2 / 3.


If you have Package Manager, install Smali.

Without Package Manager:

  • Navigate to Sublime's packages directory
    • Command + Shift + P, "Preferences: Browse Packages"
  • Create a directory named Smali
  • Copy smali.tmLanguage to Smali


  • Line-level syntax validation
    • Incorrectly formatted instructions are highlighted red
    • Register and literal ranges are validated
  • Objectively better than your current Smali highlighter
  • Includes the color purple!


Syntax defintions are edited in JSON here: smali.JSON-tmLanguage.

Sublime wants the syntax definitions in a property list or .tmLanguage file. To convert the JSON to a property list:

  1. Open smali.JSON-tmLanguage
  2. From Sublime's Command Pallet, select "Build With: Convert to ...-Property List"

The udpated file can be quickly installed to Sublime 3 with:

cp smali.tmLanguage "$HOME/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3/Packages"

Afterwards, you'll need to restart. Sublime doesn't have a native way of reloading packages. There's probably a hard way of hacking this into working without restarting, but I don't know it.