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Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices project was announced on end of July 2014 and there has been tremendous interest for the project since, which has been great. We have received lot of valuable contributions from community and input on the overall planning. This wiki page is collecting the highlights from past month.

We will also Cover the details on the latest release during our January community call on Tuesday 13th of January. If you are interested on seeing some of the new samples live and hear about the future, join on that call.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please join the latest discussions from the Office 365 Patterns and Practices Yammer group at We already have almost 1500 members in this group with lively discussion on different app model practices.

Both PnP Core Nuget packages (cloud and on-premises) have been also updated accordingly.

Latest changes

  • PnP Core: Lots of re-factoring done to improve code quality and completeness:
    • Deprecated methods are moved to separate cs files to improve the code readability
    • Unit tests are adjusted to run against SharePoint on-premises (v15)
    • Unit tests are adjusted to run using app only token
    • Tenant extensions have been revised to only allow CreateSite and DeleteSite for on-premises
    • Bug fixing and refactoring of the UploadFile method
    • Taxonomy field creation now works with an entity class (TaxonomyFieldCreationInformation)
    • Permission setting by role definition name
    • ContentType retrieval extensions now can optionally use the AvailableContentTypes instead of the default ContentTypes
    • Support to deploy master pages and page layouts in a folder structure in the master page gallery
    • Clone extension method for ClientContext instances
  • New sample Core.OnPrem.S2S.WindowsCertStore shows how a high-trust SharePoint app can use a certificate that has been stored in the Windows Certificate Store on the Windows Server that is hosting the web application
  • New sample Core.DisplayCalendarEvents that shows how to use REST API to retrieve calendar events and process them in order to display them using a third party component which has features SharePoint does not such as tooltip information on when hovering over an event, or multiple calendar overlays with custom styling based on event properties, etc
  • New sample Core.Settings.LocaleAndLanguage which demonstrates how to control regional and language settings in SharePoint site level using CSOM
  • New sample Core.Settings.Audit that demonstrates how to control auditing settings in the site collection level using CSOM
  • New sample Debug.Tracing that shows how to use tracing and error logging in SharePoint provider hosted apps
  • New sample OfficeGraph.Demo.App showing how to consume the Office Graph API to return the collegues with whom you most closely work with
  • New solution Core.ConnectedSigRAngularJSAppParts based on AngularJS that enables a master detail pattern using different app parts that are connected via SignalR
  • New solution OD4B.Configuration.Async that shows how to asynchronously handle OneDrive for Business customization
  • New solution Governance.SiteUsageReport which is a console application designed to run periodically as a scheduled task. It will get data for all site collections in a tenant and send an email with key statistics like used storage quota, the last content modification date, the count of the webs.
  • New Guidance folder which will contain PnP articles and guidance. Currently following articles are included:
    • How to handle OneDrive for Business customization
    • How to configure SharePoint Provider-Hosted Apps for distribution
    • How to configure Office 365 API Projects for distribution
  • New Content Pack that now contains Enterprise Content Management solutions and guidance
  • Updated CSOM Assemblies/15/Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.dll library to December 2014 CU version
  • Added December community call presentation

Key contributors for the January 2015 release

Here’s the list of most activate contributors (in alphabetical order) during the month December. We are looking forward to continue working with such a talent and hope to get more additional people involved on this joint effort to help the community in the transition towards Office 365 and SharePoint app model techniques.

Thank you for your assistance and contributions from the behalf of the community. You are making a difference!

Here’s the list of Microsoft people who have been closely involved on the PnP work during last month.

Latest statistics

Here's some statistics from the PnP repository. It's great to see for example how our punch card looks like, since it proofs that this is truly a global effort with contributions 24/7.



(Traffic is lower due to holiday period)

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