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The Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices project was announced at the end of July 2014 and there has been tremendous interest for the project since, which we truly appreciate! We have received lots of valuable contributions from the community and input on the overall planning. This wiki page is collecting the highlights from the past month.

We will also cover the details of the latest release during our May community call on Tuesday May 12th. If you are interested on seeing some of the new samples in action and hear about the future then feel free to join that call.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please participate in our discussions in the Office 365 Patterns and Practices Yammer group at We already have close to 2400 members in this group with lively discussions on different app model related topics.

Latest changes

Provisioning Engine

The first version of the provisioning engine was released with the April release. For the May release the provisioning has been further improved and stabilized. Below list contains the main updates that have been added in the May release:

  • Support for the community driven provisioning schema. Previous schema is still supported: you can load your model using the old schema and persist again using the 2015-05 schema version if you want to update your models
  • Improved provider model to allow multiple versions of a formatter
  • Support for adding pages
  • Support for adding web parts to web part and wiki pages
  • Support for site collection managed metadata
  • DataRow support to add rows during provisioning
  • Support for lookup columns
  • Support for taxonomy fields
  • Support for setting properties on added files
  • Progress delegate to monitor progress
  • Fixes for on-premises usage
  • Lot's of performance enhancements
  • Lot's of smaller enhancements and fixes


  • PnP Core: Lots of re-factoring done to improve code quality and completeness:
  • New sample Branding.InjectResponsiveCSS demonstrates how to update out of the box seattle.master user experience responsive without a need to modify the master page as such, but rather to take advantage of the AlternateCssUrl property in Web level
  • New sample Core.ListRatingSettings lets you enable Social features like Rating/Likes on publishing lists and libraries
  • New sample Branding.JSLink includes sample re-usable code which demonstrate how you can use the new Client Side Rendering techniques along with JSLink hooks to modify the rendering of List Forms and Views. Specifically functionality includes:
    • Rendering a single-select Taxonomy field as cascading drop-downs
    • Rendering two related lookup fields as cascading Drop-Downs (single-select) or checkboxes (multi-select)
    • Presenting a Google Maps interface for selecting points or areas on a map
    • Sample Colour Picker with formatted display, custom editing (as drop-downs) and a sample validators
  • New sample BusinessApps.ChatRoom shows a method for creating a chat room within a SharePoint web part. The solution uses details from the user's profile to identify the sender of the message and uses SignalR to push messages out to each instance of the chat room.
  • New sample Provisioning.WorkflowTemplate shows how to provision workflow template (.wsp) in on-premises or in Office 365 Dedicated using CSOM. Solution gives you insight how to migrate reusable workflow across site collection and insight how to automate process of deploying and activating reusable workflow packages by investigating solution structure and SharePoint CSOM
  • New sample Excel.TableBindingFormatting demonstrates techniques for creating a table binding, adding rows to an existing binding, applying table styles and applying cell formatting in an Excel Add-in.
  • New sample Outlook.UpsPackageTracker demonstrates how to create an Add-in for Outlook which extracts data from a mail message, retrieves data from an external service and formats the data for display
  • Updated sample Core.Throttling fixes a flaw where non handled web exceptions where not thrown causing the code to hang in certain cases
  • Updated sample ECM.DocumentSets as this now also works for MT with the latest CSOM redistributable
  • Updated sample Core.Settings.LocaleAndLanguageWeb as this now also works for MT with the latest CSOM redistributable
  • Updated sample Core.Settings.Audit as this now also works for MT with the latest CSOM redistributable
  • Updated component Core.TaxonomyPicker now contains the taxonomy picker features from the Core.TaxonomyPicker sample solution. To avoid further confusion the sample project has been removed. Furthermore several performance enhancements have been done + keyboard support has been extended
  • Updated component Core.PeoplePicker documentation explains how you can include a placeholder attribute to the people picker. People picker now also properly handles quotes in user's names
  • New solution Provisioning.Framework.Cloud.Async shows how to build self-service site collection provisioning solution using the Office 365 Developer PnP provisioning engine.
  • Updated solution PowerShell.Commands with additional commands and various other updates. See the changelog of the PowerShell solution for more details.
  • Updated the v16 CSOM assemblies with the assemblies from the version 16.1 CSOM assemblies delivered via the SharePoint Online Client Side Object Model nuget package
  • Updated the v15 CSOM assemblies with the April CU updates
  • Updated April community call presentation with latest version

PnP Guidance articles

The PnP Guidance repository has been setup for working on articles. Part of these articles are already available on MSDN and more will follow. Everyone can update these articles via updating them in github and the changes will flow back to MSDN once the synchronization setup has been completed.

There's already a significant amount of articles that has been added to the PnP MSDN node at

In the this release the following new articles have been added:

Key contributors for the May 2015 release

Here’s the list of most activate contributors (in alphabetical order) during the month April. We are looking forward to continue working with such a talent and hope to get more additional people involved on this joint effort to help the community in the transition towards Office 365 and SharePoint app model techniques.

Thank you for your assistance and contributions from the behalf of the community. You are making a difference!

Here’s the list of Microsoft people who have been closely involved on the PnP work during last month.

  • Antons Mislevics (Microsoft)
  • Bert Jansen (Microsoft) - @O365Bert
  • Brian Michely (Microsoft) - @brianmichely
  • Dan Budimir (Microsoft)
  • Doug Perkes (Microsoft) - @dougperkes
  • Frank Chen (Microsoft)
  • Frank Marasco (Microsoft) - @frank_marasco
  • Jeremy Thake (Microsoft) - @jthake
  • Jonathan Huss (Microsoft) - @JonathanHuss
  • Kiki Shuxteau (Microsoft)
  • Laura Graham (Microsoft)
  • Reeza Ali (Microsoft)
  • Ricky Kirkham (Microsoft)
  • Ron Tielke (Microsoft)
  • Sami Nieminen (Microsoft)
  • Steve Walker (Microsoft) - @sharepointing
  • Vesa Juvonen (Microsoft) - @vesajuvonen

Latest statistics

Here's some statistics from the PnP repository. It's great to see for example how our punch card looks like, since it proofs that this is truly a global effort with contributions 24/7.



Punch Card

See About Repository Graphs for more details on above statistics.

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