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a clean and elegant theme for Hexo.
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ayer logo

一个安静且优雅的 Hexo 主题

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GitHub release language hexo platform

🌊 Ayer is a clean and elegant theme for Hexo, also fast, powerful and responsive. It contains many awesome features, It's perfect for your blog, "Ayer" means "water" in Malaysian and "yesterday" in Spanish. If you have any queries or advice during the process of using, Please contact me!


Preview 预览





$ git clone themes/ayer


Modify theme setting in _config.yml to ayer

theme: ayer


cd themes/ayer
git pull


let me know if you can’t find anything.

# Menu-Sidebar
  Home: /
  Archives: /archives
  Travel: /tags/旅行/
  About: /2019/about

# Favicon and sidebar logo
favicon: /favicon.ico
logo: /images/ayer-side.svg

# Cover Setting 
# enable: [true|false];path: [background-image];logo: [cover-logo-image]
  enable: true
  path: /images/cover1.jpg  # there are some beautiful cover images in Ayer's directory: /source/images, choose your favorite image to replace it.
  logo: /images/ayer.svg

# ProgressBar  
progressBar: ture

# Article Setting
# (Use this to excerpt if article is too long:<!--more-->)
excerpt_link:
# share text
share_text: Share
# search text
search_text: Search
# nav text
  page_prev: Prev page
  page_next: Next page
  post_prev: Newer posts
  post_next: Older posts

# Catalog in article
toc: true

# images in the article support click to fullscreen
image_viewer: true

  enable: true
  # only display in article page(not in index page)
  only_article_visit: true

# Reward Setting
# type:0-close reward; 1-only open in article which you have configured reward:true; 2-open in all articles
reward_type: 2
# reward word
reward_wording: 'Buy me a cup of coffee~'
# qrcode image path
alipay: /images/alipay.jpg
# qrcode image path
weixin: /images/wechat.jpg

# Search
search: true

rss: /atom.xml

# Comment:1、Valine (recommended);2、Gitalk

# 1、Valine [A fast, simple & powerful comment system](
# You need create leancloud account first (, then put the id|key in below.
  enable: true
  app_id: #
  app_key: #
# Valine Setting
  enable: true 
  avatar: mp # (
  placeholder: Add some comments to my article~ # placeholder

# 2、Gitalk(
  enable: false # true
  clientID: # GitHub Application Client ID
  clientSecret: # Client Secret
  repo: # Repository name
  owner: # GitHub ID
  admin: # GitHub ID

# GitHub Ribbons(
  # (Set false if you don't need)

# fancybox(Use for gallery, set false if you don't need)
fancybox: true

# pv&uv statistics
  enable: true

# cnzz statistics
  enable: true
  url: #

# Google Analytics
google_analytics: ''
# Baidu Analytics
baidu_analytics: ''

# mathjax
mathjax: true

# since year
since: 2019

# pageFooter (Set true can let more people know this theme, Thanks!)
pageFooter: true


  • hexo-generator-search (for Local Search)

    $ npm install hexo-generator-searchdb --save

    Then add the plugin configuration in hexo's configuration file _config.yml (note: not the theme's configuration file):

    # Hexo-generator-search
      path: search.xml
      field: post
      format: html
  • hexo-generate-feed (for RSS)

    $ npm install hexo-generator-feed --save

    Then add the plugin configuration in hexo's configuration file _config.yml (note: not the theme's configuration file):

        type: atom
        path: atom.xml
        limit: 20
        content_limit: 140
        content_limit_delim: ' '
        order_by: -date	
  • hexo-generator-index-pin-top (for Sticky Post)

    $ npm uninstall hexo-generator-index --save
    $ npm install hexo-generator-index-pin-top --save


  hexo new page categories

Then paste following codes to file: _posts/categories/

title: categories
type: categories
layout: "categories"


Same as categories.

Post poster

title: Post name

photos: [


Need to write in the head of the markdown, this is not a good way to write, I hope to get a better way to write on github.

title: Gallery

albums: [


Use Tocbot to parse the title tags (h1~h6) in the content and insert the directory.

  • ayer/_config.yml

     # Toc
    toc: true
  • If Toc is turned on in ayer/_config.yml, then Tocbot will generate a Toc article directory in the title tag of each blog parsing content, but not all blogs require Toc, so in the Front-matter section of markdown Can be closed:

    toc: false

Ayer by Eric-Shen is licensed under MIT.
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