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  • fixed mutual bugs in the functions such as get_fromto, md_stock_divsplit1_163, md_stock_symbol etc.
  • modified stock adjust method for 163 data
  • md_stock function supports to query listed company information, such as profile, IPO, structure of income, structure of employee

pedquant 0.1.6

  • pq_plot function supports to create interactive graphics based on plotly package
  • modified the selection of type argument in md_stock_financials function

pedquant 0.1.5

  • fixed a bug caused by Chinese characters in pq_plot function
  • fixed a bug in mk_stock skip index for adjfactor type
  • fixed the date of spot price from 163
  • update the Chinese district via admin_mca function
  • md_stock supports to load the data of fund in sse/szse

pedquant 0.1.3

  • Fixed a bug in ed_nbs when the symbol provided is wrong.
  • Added china district code in ed_code function.
  • Added a new function md_stock_adjust to adjust the OHLC prices for splits and dividend.

pedquant 0.1.2

  • Modified ed_nbs functions to load data in Chinese
  • Fixed multiple bugs.

pedquant 0.1.1

  • Added functions of pq_portfolio and pq_backtest
  • Fixed multiple bugs in pq_plot.

Fixed a bug for functions to query data from NBS, which cant load JS data.

pedquant 0.1.0

  • Added a file to track changes to the package.