SHIELDqt Import Keys

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Importing private keys to the QT wallet

  1. In the Electrum wallet, click Wallet > Private keys > Export, where you can get the private key for each one of your addresses (instructions to dump keys from a QT/CMD wallet here).

    Note: We only recommend importing keys with a non-zero balance, as importing keys can take a long time.

  2. In the QT wallet, select Help > Debug window, then click on the Console tab.

    If you have 'encrypted' your wallet, you will first need to unlock it with:

    walletpassphrase "<password>" 100000000

    e.g. walletpassphrase "don't use this password" 100000000

  3. Type:

    importprivkey <key>

    where <key> is your private key (e.g. importprivkey ab219ce819fdab219ce819fdab219ce819fd)

  4. Hit the enter key, and wait for ~2min for the wallet to rescan for transactions associated with that address. After it's done, the console will print an empty line. Repeat steps 3-4 for any remaining keys you wish to import.

You have successfully imported your private key(s).

Note: If you are having trouble with locked wallets, enter the command: walletlock, and try again from step 2.

Note: If you are getting a code -4 error, please see: