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Manage your minor-mode on the dedicated interface buffer



  1. M-x manage-minor-mode
  2. Minor modes list buffer will appear in other window
  3. Then type "RET" key on any minor-mode you want to toggle active/inactive

If you want to enable/disable minor-modes on the whole session, press [e] or [d] on any minor-mode to keep its status even if you change major-modes, buffers, files. It continues until stopping emacs. This enable/disable list is stored in the global of manage-minor-mode-default. You can also press [r] on any minor-mode to eliminate out of the list.

Set minor-modes status for each major-mode in advance

(setq manage-minor-mode-default
         (on   rainbow-mode)
         (off  line-number-mode))
         (on   rainbow-delimiters-mode eldoc-mode show-paren-mode))
         (on   color-identifiers-mode)
         (off  flycheck-mode))))

Show keybinding

Default value of manage-minor-mode-always-show-keybind is t. If you want to hide keybinding info displaying on the top of the buffer, set this value nil like below.

(setq manage-minor-mode-always-show-keybind nil)

Eradicate all minor-modes

When you in the target buffer or "manage-minor-mode" buffer, M-x manage-minor-mode-bals to disable all minor-modes.
M-x manage-minor-mode-restore-from-bals to restore the minor-modes before manage-minor-mode-bals done.
It might be useful when you view a huge size file smoothly.

List minor-modes that exception from manage-minor-mode-bals like below.

(setq manage-minor-mode-bals-exclude-list
      '((global (recentf-mode global-font-lock-mode delete-selection-mode transient-mark-mode tabbar-mode))
        (text-mode (line-number-mode))
        (org-mode (line-number-mode blink-cursor-mode))))

Mouse menu

You can click minor-mode indicated in the mode-line to pop up manage-minor-mode menu item.