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Regular user documentation is provided via godoc: https://godoc.org/github.com/Shopify/sarama

This wiki holds more architecture and developer-oriented information.


Travis CI will run the following commands for a build:

  • go test
  • go vet
  • go fmt
  • errcheck

You can run them locally with make (run make install_dependencies to install the necessary tools).

Sarama includes functional tests that run against a test cluster with a specific topic configuration. A Vagrantfile is included to make it easy to set up a Kafka cluster with 5 brokers and the necessary topics inside a virtual machine. Just run vagrant up to set it up. The IP address of the VM is

  • Kafka connection string:,,,,
  • Zookeeper connection string:,,,,

When writing functional tests, always use the KAFKA_PEERS environment variables to discover the cluster. If they are not set, use the default connection string that points to the Vagrant cluster above. (For Zookeeper, use ZOOKEEPER_PEERS.)

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