Selection - A simple and lightweight library to realize visual DOM Selections. No jQuery. Supports any CSS library, e.g. Bootstrap.
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Simple and easy selection library to enable visual DOM-Selection

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Quick demo:


  • Supports touch devices
  • Simple usage
  • No jQuery
  • Nodejs support
  • Lightweight, 3kB gzipped


Via npm

$ npm install @simonwep/selection-js --save

Include via

<script src=""></script>


const options = {

  // All elemets with the class 'selectable' selectable.
  selectables: ['.selectable']
const selection = Selection.create(options);

It's recommend to also specify a bounding area for the selection (see 'Options').


const selection = new Selection({

    // Class for the selection-area-element
    class: 'selection-area',

    // px, how many pixels the point should move before starting the selection
    startThreshold: 10,

    // Disable the selection functionality for touch devices
    disableTouch: false,

    // On which point an element should be selected.
    // Available modes are cover (cover the entire element), center (touch the center) or
    // the default mode is touch (just touching it).
    mode: 'touch',

    // Enable single-click selection
    singleClick: true,

    // Query selectors from elements from which the siblings can be selected
    containers: [],

    // Query selectors from elements which can be selected
    selectables: [],

    // Query selectors for elements from where a selection can be start
    startareas: ['html'],

    // Query selectors for elements which will be used as boundaries for the selection
    boundaries: ['html'],
    // Will be called before the selection starts (mouse / touchdown). Can be used
    // to specify which action / mousebutton are needed to start the selection.
    validateStart(evt) {
        evt; // MouseEvent or TouchEvent
        // Return true to start the selection, false to cancel it.
        return true; 

    // Element selection stardet, see Events for details
    onStart(evt) {

    // Single-click selection
    onSelect(evt) {
       // Same properties as onStart; // Clicked element

    // Element selection move
    onMove(evt) {
       // Same properties as onStart

    // Element selection stopped
    onStop(evt) {
       // Same properties as onStart

    // Element selection has stardet
    selectionFilter(evt) {
        evt.selection; // This selection instance
        evt.eventName; // The event name
        evt.element;   // The element which is in the current selection

        // return true to keep the element


  • selection.option(name:String) - Returns the option by name.

  • selection.option(name:String, value:Mixed) - Set a new option value.

  • selection.disable() - Disable the functionality to make selections.

  • selection.enable() - Enable the functionality to make selections.

  • selection.keepSelection() - Will save the current selected elements and will append those to the next selection. Can be used to allow multiple selections.

  • selection.clearSelection() - Clear the previous selection (elements which where saved by keepSelection()).

  • selection.getSelection() - Returns currently selected elements as Array.

  • selection.removeFromSelection(el:HTMLElement) - Removes a particular element from the current selection.


start / stop / move event

  • selection:Selection - Current selection object.
  • eventName:String - The event name.
  • areaElement:HTMLElement - The selection element.
  • originalEvent:Event - The original mouse-event.
  • selectedElements:Array[HTMLElements] - Array with currently selected HTMLElements.
  • changedElements:Object
  • added:Array[HTMLElements] - Elements which are added to selectedElements since the last interaction (mousemove).
  • removed:Array[HTMLElements] - Elements which are removed from selectedElements since last interaction (mousemove).

Filter event

Will be called on every selection, can be used to ignore specific elements in the current selection.

  • selection:Selection - Current selection object.
  • eventName:String - The event name.
  • element:HTMLElement - HTMLElement, return false if you didn't want it in the selection.

Static methods


  • Selection.create(options:Object):Selection - Creates a new instance.


  • on(el:HTMLElement, event:String, fn:Function[, options :Object]) - Attach an event handler function.
  • off(el:HTMLElement, event:String, fn:Function[, options :Object]) - Remove an event handler.
  • css(el:HTMLElement):Object - Get all css properties from this element.
  • css(el:HTMLElement, attr:String):Mixed - Get the value from a style property.
  • css(el:HTMLElement, attr:String, val:String) - Set a specific style property.
  • css(el:HTMLElement, attr:Object) - Set multiple style properties.
  • intersects(ela:HTMLElement, elb:HTMLElement):Boolean - Check if an HTMLElement intersects another.
  • selectAll(selector:String|Array):Array - Returns all HTMLElements which were selected by the selector.
  • eventPath(evt:DOMEvent):NodeList - Event.composedPath() polyfill.
  • removeElement(arr:Array, el:Object) - Removes an particular element from an Array.