Thoughts, Ideas and bits of code for SMF (2.1)
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Build Status

This is a SMF 2.1 development repository. The software is licensed under BSD 3-clause license.

Contributions to documentation are licensed under CC-by-SA 3. Third party libraries or sets of images, are under their own licenses.


Feel free to fork this repository and make your desired changes.

Please see the Developer's Certificate of Origin in the repository: by signing off your contributions, you acknowledge that you can and do license your submissions under the license of the project.

Branches organization:

  • master - is the main branch, only used to merge in a "final release"
  • development - is the branch where the development of the "next" version/s happens
  • release-2.1 - is the branch where bug fixes for the version 2.1 are applied

How to contribute:

  • fork the repository. If you are not used to Github, please check out fork a repository.
  • branch your repository, to commit the desired changes.
  • sign-off your commits, to acknowledge your submission under the license of the project.
  • It is enough to include in your commit comment "Signed-off by: " followed by your name and email address (for example: Signed-off-by: Angelina Belle <>)
  • an easy way to do so, is to define an alias for the git commit command, which includes -s switch (reference: How to create Git aliases)
  • send a pull request to us.

How to submit a pull request:

  • If you want to send a bug fix for the version 2.1, send it to the branch release-2.1
  • If you want to send a new feature, use the branch development
  • You should never send any pull request against the master branch For more informations, the ideal branching we would like to follow is the one described in this article

Please, feel free to play around. That's what we're doing. ;)

Security matters:

Lastly, if you have a security issue you would like to notify us about regarding SMF - not just for 2.1, but for any version - please file a security report on our website:

This will enable the team to review it and prepare patches as appropriate before exploits are widely known, which helps keep everyone safe.