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sources for the Singular computer algebra system
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IntegerProgramming correct spelling error as detected by Lintian
Singular SINGULAR_4_1: ring_list
Tst maps for ideal revisited: new: maMapIdeal as general routine
desktop Let _configure_ generate desctop/Singular*.desktop
doc fix: help "all.lib"; does not give a list of all libs
dox fix (windows port): move reference to NF/BBA stuff to function pointers
emacs version 4.0.3
factory version 4.0.3
gfanlib fix: forgotten during installation
kernel opt maps: use maMapIdeal also for module/matrix/map
libpolys fix: check for exponent overflow in monomial: x65000
logo new Singular logos
misc small misc, Singular modules
modules format
old_modgen format
omalloc omalloc: disable debug stuff unless configured with --enable-debug
redhat moved redhat/REAME to README.pkg
resources version 4.0.3
standalone.test format
templates format
tests format
xalloc autotools chain: common AUX_DIR
.gdbinit format
.gitattributes ignore factory/old for git archive
.gitignore removed unsed files, fixed and make dist
AUTHORS added missing files: AUTHORS, ChangeLog, NEWS
COPYING version 4.0.3
ChangeLog added missing files: AUTHORS, ChangeLog, NEWS
GPL2 *hannes: licence
GPL3 *hannes: licence fix: install doc files
NEWS added missing files: AUTHORS, ChangeLog, NEWS
README.pkg sdb: verbose 'p' format autotools chain: decent generated source tarball added script (for Hans) version 4.0.3
doxy format
git-archive Updated git-archive
git-version-gen format format
main.dox dox: intro_sing.pdf version 4-0-3 for url

CAS Singular {#mainpage}

Singular is a computer algebra system for polynomial computations, with special emphasis on commutative and non-commutative algebra, algebraic geometry, and singularity theory. It is free and open-source under the GNU General Public Licence (See COPYING).

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