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PartyCraft is a Minecraft 1.6.2 multiplayer server based on Craft.Net.


PartyCraft is incomplete. However, it aims to eventually reproduce the functionality of the vanilla Minecraft server. In addition, PartyCraft should use significantly less CPU and memory on the host machine when operating a server. For more information on progress, see the latest Milestone.

If there are any additional features you would like, or any problems you encounter while using PartyCraft, please do not hesitate to create an issue.

Keep in mind that most of PartyCraft's features actually come from Craft.Net before you submit your problems.

Snapshot Support

PartyCraft supports most Minecraft development snapshots through Craft.Net. If you want support for the latest snapshot, run the following commands on your git repository:

cd externals/Craft.Net
git pull origin snapshot
git checkout snapshot
cd ../..

You'll now be using the snapshot branch of Craft.Net, with support for more recent pre-release versions of Minecraft.


On Linux and Mac, you will need to install Mono first.

Simply run PartyCraft.exe from the command line (Linux/Mac: "mono PartyCraft.exe") to start the server. If a world is not found in the same directory (in the "world" subdirectory by default), it will be created. The default world generator is flatland. If an Anvil world does exist in the specified directory, PartyCraft will use the existing world.

If a vanilla-style file is provided, PartyCraft will use it. Otherwise, a config.xml file will be produced and populated with default values. You may use a plugin to change the settings format, such as JSON, YML, or SQL.

After starting the server at the command line, you should be free to connect to it.


If you wish to contribute your own code to PartyCraft, please create a fork. You are encouraged to follow the code standards currently in use, and pull requests that do not will be rejected. You are also encouraged to make small, focused pull requests, rather than large, sweeping changes. For such changes, it would be better to create an issue instead.

Getting Help

You can get help by making an issue on GitHub, or joining on If you are already knowledgable about using PartyCraft, consider contributing to the wiki for the sake of others.


PartyCraft uses the permissive MIT license.

In a nutshell:

  • You are not restricted on usage of PartyCraft; commercial, private, etc, all fine.
  • The developers are not liable for what you do with it.
  • PartyCraft is provided "as is" with no warranty.

Minecraft is not officially affiliated with PartyCraft.