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A partial implementation of the Reddit API. Includes support for many API endpoints, as well as LINQ-style paging of results.

var reddit = new Reddit();
var user = reddit.LogIn("username", "password");
var subreddit = reddit.GetSubreddit("/r/example");
foreach (var post in subreddit.New.Take(25))
    if (post.Title == "What is my karma?")
        // Note: This is an example. Bots are not permitted to cast votes automatically.
        var comment = post.Comment(string.Format("You have {0} link karma!", post.Author.LinkKarma));

Important note: Make sure you use .Take(int) when working with pagable content. For example, don't do this:

var all = reddit.RSlashAll;
foreach (var post in all) // BAD
    // ...

This will cause you to page through everything that has ever been posted on Reddit. Better:

var all = reddit.RSlashAll;
foreach (var post in all.Take(25))
    // ...


RedditSharp is developed with the following workflow:

  1. Nothing happens for weeks/months/years
  2. Someone needs it to do something it doesn't already do
  3. That person implements that something and submits a pull request
  4. Repeat

If it doesn't have a feature that you want it to have, add it! The code isn't that scary.