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Reddit API for .NET
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Hey, listen! The Reddit admins are making some really crappy changes to the API, and I need you to speak out against them. The changes are here and you should message the admins if you disagree with them (you're welcome to change this message to something more personal).

A partial implementation of the Reddit API. Includes support for many API endpoints, as well as LINQ-style paging of results.

var reddit = new Reddit();
var user = reddit.LogIn("username", "password");
var subreddit = reddit.GetSubreddit("/r/example");
foreach (var post in subreddit.New.Take(25))
    if (post.Title == "What is my karma?")
        // Note: This is an example. Bots are not permitted to cast votes automatically.
        var comment = post.Comment(string.Format("You have {0} link karma!", post.Author.LinkKarma));

Important note: Make sure you use .Take(int) when working with pagable content. For example, don't do this:

var all = reddit.RSlashAll;
foreach (var post in all) // BAD
    // ...

This will cause you to page through everything that has ever been posted on Reddit. Better:

var all = reddit.RSlashAll;
foreach (var post in all.Take(25))
    // ...


RedditSharp is developed with the following workflow:

  1. Nothing happens for weeks/months/years
  2. Someone needs it to do something it doesn't already do
  3. That person implements that something and submits a pull request
  4. Repeat

If it doesn't have a feature that you want it to have, add it! The code isn't that scary.

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