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OnDemandList and OnDemandGrid


OnDemandList extends List to provide on-demand lazy loading of data as the user scrolls through the list. This provides a seamless, intuitive interface for viewing large sets of data in a scalable manner.

], function (OnDemandList) {
    var list = new OnDemandList({
        collection: myStore, // a dstore collection
        renderRow: function (object, options) {
            // Override renderRow to accommodate store items
            var div = document.createElement('div');
            // createTextNode is recommended for inserting data values,
            // to avoid malicious tag injection
            return div;


This module is simply the composition of Grid and OnDemandList. For example:

define([ 'dgrid/OnDemandGrid' ], function (OnDemandGrid) {
    grid = new OnDemandGrid({
        collection: myStore, // a dstore store
        columns: [
            { label: 'Column 1', field: 'col1', sortable: false },
            { label: 'Column 2', field: 'col2' },
            // ...
    }, 'grid');
    // ...


OnDemandList inherits the _StoreMixin module, which implements a basis for interacting with a dstore store for querying of data. At minimum, this implementation expects a store which supports the get, getIdentity, fetch, fetchRange, and sort methods, and whose items include unique identifiers.

OnDemandList requires that a store be specified via the collection property, and will call the fetchRange method so as to only retrieve the necessary objects needed to render the visible rows. As the list or grid is scrolled, additional fetchRange calls will be made to retrieve additional rows, and previous rows will be pruned from the DOM as they are scrolled far out of view.

When working with a writable store, for best results, the store should return a collection with a track method, which enables the list to keep its display up to date with any changes that occur in the store after the items are rendered. The dstore/Trackable module can be used to add this functionality to a store.


Property Summary

Property Description
minRowsPerPage The minimum number of items that will be requested at one time while scrolling; default is 25.
maxRowsPerPage The maximum number of items that will be requested at one time while scrolling; default is 250.
maxEmptySpace The maximum size (in pixels) of unrendered space below or above the rendered portion of the component; default is Infinity, which indicates that the size of unrendered space should approximate the total space which would be occupied by all items in the result set.
bufferRows The number of rows to keep rendered beyond each end of the currently visible area of the component; default is 10.
farOffRemoval The minimum distance (in pixels) which must exist between the currently visible area and previously-rendered rows before they are removed from the DOM; default is 2000, but this can be adjusted based on a known maximum height in cases where keeping fewer nodes in the DOM is preferable.
queryRowsOverlap Specifies the number of items to "overlap" between queries, which helps ensure consistency of observed updates to items at page boundaries. The default is 0.
pagingMethod Specifies the method from the dgrid/util/misc module to use for throttling the scroll handler; defaults to "debounce" to wait until scrolling stops, but can also be set to "throttleDelayed" to load even as scrolling continues.
pagingDelay Specifies the number of milliseconds to debounce or throttle scroll handler calls (and thus also potential store requests); default is 15.
keepScrollPosition Whether to attempt preserving scroll position by default on all refresh operations (including sort); defaults to false. This can also be set per-refresh by passing an object with a keepScrollPosition property to the refresh function.

Inherited from _StoreMixin

Property Description
collection An instance of a dstore implementation, from which to fetch data. This may be a store instance, or a filtered collection returned from store.filter().
getBeforePut If true (the default), any save operations will re-fetch the item from the store via a get call, before applying changes represented by dirty data.
loadingMessage An optional message to be displayed in the loading node which appears when a new page of results is requested.
noDataMessage An optional message to be displayed when no results are returned by a query.
shouldTrackCollection Whether this instance should track any trackable collection it is passed; default is true.

Method Summary

Method Description
refresh(options) Clears the grid and re-queries the store for data. If keepScrollPosition is true on either the instance or the options passed to refresh, an attempt will be made to preserve the current scroll position. OnDemandList returns a promise from refresh, which resolves when items in view finish rendering. The promise resolves with the QueryResults that were rendered.

Inherited from _StoreMixin

Method Description
set("collection", collection) Specifies a new collection for the list to reference.
set("sort", property, descending) _StoreMixin's version of this defers sorting to the store.
refreshCell(cell) Refreshes the given cell (from Grid#cell) based on the store and any present dirty data. This can be used with shouldTrackCollection: false to manually control specific cell updates rather than re-rendering entire rows. (Only applicable when Grid is inherited.)
revert() Clears the dirty data hash without updating the store, and refreshes the component.
save() Relays any dirty data back to the store via put calls. Returns a promise which resolves when all put calls have completed successfully, or rejects if any of the put operations fail. Upon settling, the grid's dirty hash will only contain items for which put failed (i.e. it will be empty if they all succeed).
updateDirty(id, field, value) Updates an entry in the component's dirty data hash, to be persisted to the store on the next call to save().



OnDemandList emits a dgrid-refresh-complete event when results finish rendering as the result of a refresh call (also including the initial render). The event includes the following properties:

  • grid: The Grid (or List) instance responsible for firing the event


If something should go wrong within OnDemandList's logic, _StoreMixin is equipped to emit a dgrid-error event, including the following properties:

  • grid: The Grid (or List) instance on which the error occurred
  • error: The error which occurred

OnDemandList emits a dgrid-error event for any error that occurs while querying the store for data in reaction to scrolling or a refresh call.