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The reports which come out of the box provide a wide variety of information regarding your Sitecore installation.

We've built quite a few reports, many similar to the Advanced System Report (ASR) module.

Running a Report

The custom reports can be found by navigating to Sitecore -> Reporting Tools -> PowerShell Reports.


As an example, let's run the Unused media items report.

Unused Media Items

Once the report completes, the results appear in a report window.

Unused Media Items Output

Reports in SPE like ASR

While SPE contains many reports, they don't match identical to ASR reports. We've done our best to build those that seem most relevant or likely to be used. If you find a report in ASR that you would like to exist in SPE please submit a request.

SPE Report ASR Report
Active Aliases
Broken Links2 Broken Links
Broken Links in publishable items
Item History
Items with Invalid Names
Items with security for an account2 Items with Security for an account
Items with Tokens in Fields
Locked Items2 Locked Items
Logged errors
Logged in Session Manager5 Logged in Users
Limit number of versions4 Multiple versions
My Owned Items
Media items last updated before date3 Not recently modified
Media items not used by content items3 Orphaned media assets report
Owned items
Recent workflow history2 Recent Workflow History
Media items last updated after date3 Recently Modified
Regex Item Searcher
Index Viewer5 -
Rules based report5 -
Task Manager report5 -

Check the reports in SPE under these sections to see the full list.

  • 1 Configuration Audit report
  • 2 Content Audit report
  • 3 Media Audit report
  • 4 Solution Audit report
  • 5 Toolbox

Note: Examples included are in the following modules

  • Content Reports

Reports Security

You may wish to expose the reports to users such as Content Authors. Here are the steps required to grant access to users in the sitecore\Sitecore Client Authoring role.

Here is what users may see in the event they do not have the appropriate access.

Reports without Access

  1. Navigate to the item /sitecore/content/Documents and settings/All users/Start menu/Right/Reporting Tools/PowerShell Reports

  2. Grant access to sitecore\Sitecore Client Authoring

    Report Viewer Access

  3. Verify the reports are now visible to the Authoring users.

    Reports with Access

Note: The role sitecore\Sitecore Client Maintaining is granted access to the reports by default.