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I have nearly no background in compilers. So GPTrixie code is probably not that great.
I recomand to have a look at the xml file generated by gccxml.
GPTrixie work like that :
The do magic sub in gptrixie script launch gccxml and parse the xml produced
At this point, everything is extracted, structures info, types....
A second pass is done on types/struct/unions to finish solving type.
A 'global' object with everything is created and passed to the generator
The (DG for now) generator take this and generate perl6 string.
A final step is made to try to order correctly the generated output for stuff
like structure (it should be moved to generator?)
CType are defined in the Class.pm6 file. There are Indirect and Direct base type
Indirect are for stuff like pointer type. A type-eq operator was planned
to easily compared them (like $t type-eq <Ptr void>) but it made moar sigseg x)
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