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A puzzle game where you must fill a board using only knight movements. It's pretty much a clone of the game troyis. If you want, you can watch this gameplay video which shows how you can download and play.

Run the game with the file

Tested on Python 2.6, 2.7 and 3.2 on Ubuntu. So the game should be Python 3 compitable. Also tested on Windows 7 with Python 2.7, no problems except that the font wasn't available. This doesn't really matter because the game worked fine, but I might include fonts with the game in the future.

The game requires pygame. The debian package name is python-pygame.

The settings.yaml file is full of settings you can tinker with, if you want, you can change the game drastically through that file.

The file help/help.html contains the rules of the game. The file help/development.html contains some documentation about how the game works.


This program is licensed under the GNU GPL.

PyYAML 3.10 is included with the game in the yaml directory. PyYAML is MIT licensed. You can get more information on these websites: or The author of PyYAML is Kirill Simonov.

The image named images/knight.png is a derivative work of an icon made by David Vignoni, and is licensed under the GNU GPL. The original icon can be found here