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The snorby collection agent is in charge of monitoring & process unified2 data. The data collected will be passed to the snorby web application for analysis and reporting.


  • Verbose & Debug Output
  • Multiple Adaptor Support. mysql, sqlite, sqlite::memory: and postgres. (more coming soon)
  • Signature, Classification & Generator Processing

    The snorby collection agent will import all supplied configurations for database storage before unified2 processing begins. As a result you gain slightly more efficient insert times. The configuration files MD5 will be stored in the sensor table and checked intermittently for changes. The downside to this approach is the initial import can be time consuming. This option can be disabled if you favor of a more centralized management tool.

Example Usage

# Open/Create the snorby collection agent configuration file
# snorby-collect --config

Example Configuration File (YAML)

# Snorby Collection Agent Configuration File

# Sensor Configuration
  :interface: 'en1'
  :name: 'TheMind.local'

# Path: unified2 log file
# Example: '/var/log/snort/merged.log'
:unified2: '/var/log/snort/merged.log'

# Path: file
# Example: '/etc/snort/'
:signatures: '/Users/mephux/.snort/etc/'

# Path: file
# Example: '/etc/snort/'
:generators: '/Users/mephux/.snort/etc/'

# Path: classification.config file
# Example: '/etc/snort/classification.config'
:classifications: '/Users/mephux/.snort/etc/classification.config'

  :adapter: 'mysql' # sqlite, sqlite::memory:, mysql, postgres
  :database: 'rUnified2'
  :username: 'rUnified2'
  :password: 'password'
  :host: 'localhost'


# Run the snorby collection agent without daemonizing 
# Good for testing that configuration file.
$ snorby-collect --run --debug

# Run snorby collection as a daemon
$ snorby-collect -d --quiet


  • unified2: ~> 0.2.0
  • datamapper: ~> 1.0.2
  • env: ~> 0.1.2
  • pidly: ~> 0.1


$ gem install snorby-collect


Copyright (c) 2011 Dustin Willis Webber

See LICENSE.txt for details.