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All API endpoints are based off of /api. As in, if you access Sonarr via http://localhost:8989, the API root would be http://localhost:8989/api. You can also take the example

All other items build after this.


All requests made to the API endpoint require the API Key authentication using the X-Api-Key header or using the ?apikey= query string:



  1. http://localhost:8989/api is the main API Endpoint
  2. /system/status would be the specific GET request, which can be submitted by the other commands.
  3. ?apikey=${YOUR_API_KEY} is required for requests against your Sonarr instance, and gets stuck here at the end.
  4. There are other commands that request/require additional information, of which will be explained on those pages.


  • Can be accessed and reset via Settings -> General through the GUI
  • Also can be accessed via the Config.xml file, in the AppData Directory
  • alpha-numeric (lower case)

Dates & Times

  • All dates/timestamps are ISO-8601 formatted in UTC 2014-01-27T01:30:00Z
  • Episodes (and episode based endpoints, missing & calendar) also include the airdate in the original timezone for display purposes
  • Date parameters should be ISO-8601 UTC dates to ensure proper handling by Sonarr

Content Type

  • All POST/PUT requests require all parameters to be JSON encoded in the body, unless otherwise noted.
  • All GET requests will return a JSON encoded response



Powershell POST RescanSeries example

Post processing example to refresh the series.

$sonarr_seriesid = $env:sonarr_series_id
$params = @{"name"="RescanSeries";"seriesId"="$sonarr_seriesid";} | ConvertTo-Json
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri http://SONARRIP:SONARRPORT/api/command?apikey=SONARRAPIKEY -Method POST -Body $params

Linux Curl missingEpisodeSearch example

A backlog search example which uses curl to instruct Sonarr to search and download all missing episodes.

curl -d '{name: "missingEpisodeSearch"}' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST http://SONARRIP:SONARRPORT/api/command?apikey=SONARRAPIKEY
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