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Imperial Splendour Launcher Toolkit

Imperial Splendour attempts to create the best Empire: Total War experience possible without destroying the essence of the game, with an eye towards expanding and enriching the experience, while adding to the game's realism whenever possible.

It is the year 1783; we begin the adventure just after the American Revolution which shows to the world that the order of a monarch can be disputed by his own subjects and that a colony can claim its independence in name of Liberty. However, in Europe, most of regimes are absolute monarchies; the American events are really bad news for the stability of their reign. Such events inspired by the Enlightenment could spread and tilt monarchies in place for nearly a thousand years.

About this Repo | Releasing a New Version | Global constants | Bundling Imperial Splendour Manually | Credits and License Information

About this Repo

This repo contains the various apps to help create the best user experience for playing Imperial Splendour:

  • The Launcher: the most integral part which will be used by the user regularly
  • The Bundler: Used by the Imperial Splendour devs to create setup file for the users
  • The Deactivator: A script making sure that everything goes well when uninstalling Imperial Splendour
  • The InnoSetup scripts: Used by the bundler to create the setup.exe for the users. Currently, only the setupBundled.iss file is being used.

Releasing a new Imperial Splendour Version

  1. Upload the bundled setup to the following hosts:
    • Google Drive
    • ModDB
    • MediaFire
  2. Optional: Upload zipped 'raw-mod-files-only' (so, only the IS_Files/ folder without the IS_Info.json file) versions of the mod update.
  3. Update the download links on the website
  4. Update version.txt with the new version number
  5. Optional: Add a release blog post to the website

And finally:

  • Push the updated website
  • post the news on social media and Discord

Global constants


  • Launcher: launcher/backend/a_constants.go
  • Deactivator: setup/deactivator/app/a_constants.go
  • Bundled Setup: setup/setupBundled.iss
  • Slim Setup: setup/setupSlim.iss
  • Bundler: bundler/backend/a_constants.go

ETW Constants

Constant Launcher Deactivator Bundled Setup Slim Setup Bundler
Default ETW Installation Path -/- -/- ETWDefaultPath ETWDefaultPath -/-
APPDATA Folder appDataPath appDataPath -/- -/- -/-
Data Folder dataPath dataPath -/- -/- -/-
Campaign Folder campaignPath campaignPath CampaignPath CampaignPath -/-
User Script userScript userScript -/- -/- userScript
Steam URI etwSteamURI -/- -/- -/- -/-

Imperial Splendour-specific Constants

Constant Launcher Deactivator Bundled Setup Slim Setup Bundler
Mod Files Folder modPath modPath -/- -/- modPath
Uninstall Folder uninstallPath uninstallPath UninstallDir UninstallDir uninstallPath
File List Location fileListFile fileListFile -/- -/- fileListFile
Info File Location infoFile infoFile -/- -/- infoFile
App Name AppName -/- MyAppName MyAppName
Website websiteURL -/- MyAppURL MyAppURL -/-

Setup-specific Constants

Constant Bundled Setup Slim Setup Bundler
App Version MyAppVersion MyAppVersion
App Publisher MyAppPublisher MyAppPublisher
Launcher File Name MyAppExeName MyAppExeName launcherFile
Setup Display Name SetupName SetupName
Mod Files DLoad Link -/- DownloadLink
Deactivator Name UninstallHelperExe UninstallHelperExe deactivatorFile
Temp Folder TmpFolder TmpFolder tempPath

Bundling Imperial Splendour Manually


Note that the slim setup is currently theoretical only as hosting large files is too expensive to be sustainable for us. For potential future use, setupSlim.iss should still be updated though.

  • a Windows machine
  • at least 15GB of hard drive space (for the mod files)
  • a current install of Inno Setup
  • the deactivator.exe and ImperialSplendour.exe files which you can find in the artifacts/ folder of this repo
  • the setupBundled.iss and appicon.ico files which you can find in the setup/ folder of this repo

1. Update Imperial Splendour Version

The version needs to be updated in the following places:

  • Website (the <URL>/version) (❗️Hold off on pushing the change though)
  • IS_Info.json file
  • Setup files (both setupBundled.iss and setupSlim.iss)

2. Collect Mod Files

Collect all mod files in one otherwise empty folder. The folder structure will need to be:

3. Build the Setup

Add the setupBundled.iss file to the mod file folder and then either use the Inno Setup Compiler IDE or the cli to build the setup.

Credits and License Information

Distributed under the MIT license. See for more information.


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