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💀 DEPRECATED Launcher for the Empire: Total War mod Imperial Splendour
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Imperial Splendour Launcher

Launcher for the Empire: Total War mod Imperial Splendour

DEPRECATED in favour of seperate repos for installer, launcher, patcher, uninstaller and the core api. The most recent versions can be dfound here.

GitHub (pre-)release

The launcher helps you install Imperial Splendour and lets you easily switch between the base game and the mod.

No more moving files around per hand. Everything is done with one mouse-click via the graphical interface.

Installation | Usage | Known Issues | Bug Reports and Feature Requests | Release History | Meta | Credits



The launcher is written for Windows and doesn't work on Linux or Mac. It also needs Java, and of course Steam with Empire: Total War. The most up-to-date versions of both (currently Windows 10 and Java 9) are encouraged as backwards compatibility cannot be guaranteed.

To install, simply download the most recent release of the launcher here and get the mod files [here](LINK IS MISSING BECAUSE THE SITE IS DOWN). Then, simply start ImperialSplendour.exe and follow the instructions.


When you start the launcher, it will ask for admin privileges. This is normal. It needs those privileges to move the mod files around.


Known Issues

  • The Imperial Splendour mod is not automatically deactivated when you try to launch the base game from its usual launcher. You need to start the Imperial Splendour launcher again and switch back to the base game. This is something I cannot fix (as far as I know) which is why I suggest you use the Imperial Splendour launcher exclusively.

Bug Reports and Feature Requests

Bug reports and feature requests are very much appreciated. They can always be posted in the TWCenter or here on GitHub. In any case, please try to follow the Issue Template.

Release History

For an extensive release history, check out CHANGELOG.


Sophie Au@SolviAu

Distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for more information.


The font used is Aquiline Two

All graphics are by my favourite brother

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