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all: robot_main vision_test robot_cmd robot_test
robot_main: robot_main.c delay.o robot.o robot_threaded.o
#gcc robot_main.c robot_threaded.o delay.o robot.o vision.o /usr/lib/ -lcv -lhighgui -lpthread -o robot_main
qmake -o qmakefile
make -f qmakefile
robot_test: robot_test.c robot.o delay.o
gcc robot_test.c robot.o delay.o -o robot_test
robot_cmd: robot_cmd.c robot.o delay.o cbuffer.o
gcc robot_cmd.c robot.o delay.o cbuffer.o -o robot_cmd -lpthread
vision_test: vision_test.cpp
qmake -o qmakefile
make -f qmakefile
ui_test: vision_test.cpp MyCameraWindow.cpp QOpenCVWidget.cpp
qmake -o qmakefile
make -f qmakefile
robot_threaded.o: robot_threaded.c robot.o
gcc -c robot_threaded.c robot.o
vision.o: vision.c
gcc -c vision.c -lpthread -lc -lhighgui -lstdc++
vision_ui.o: vision_ui.cpp
g++ -c -o vision_ui.o vision_ui.cpp
robot.o: robot.c delay.o
gcc -c robot.c delay.o
delay.o: delay.c
gcc -c delay.c
cbuffer.o: cbuffer.c
gcc -c cbuffer.c -lpthread
rm -rf *.o
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