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by Alex Bezuska

Website for the open source web technology- based game engine Splat.

How to get help

If you found a mistake on the website or have a question, please feel free to do any of the following:

I made a game using Splat, can I add it to the site?

Please be sure to include any or all of the following information:

  • name - The name of your game.
  • source - This is usually a github link, you are not required to share your source to be on the site.
  • platforms - These are links to where people can play/buy/download your game example: web, chrome, mac, linux (please include links!)
  • license - This will let others know if your game is open source, if you are unsure just use 'proprietary'
  • image - Image required, gifs are awesome (size 315x 250)
  • teamMembers - Here you can list the people or studio that made the game
  • descripion - A short 1-3 sentance description of the game.
  • splat version - This can be found in package.json
  • lastchange - This is the date you released the game or stopped working on it
  • jams - List any jams the game was submitted to with names and links to the game's jam page(s)

Three ways to submit:

[1] Submit your game as a pull request

If you are familiar with git, github, and pull requests you can:

  • Fork this project and clone your fork to your local machine (or edit on github)
  • Make edits to the appropriate js file located inhtml/js/games.js
  • Submit a pull request to the master branch with your changes and a brief description.
[2] Submit your game as an issue on github

If you don't know how to make a pull request or are not sure:

[3] Email info about your game to the site maintainer

If you don't have a github account you can email me.

The site is manually uploaded to and I can update it as needed.