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This is the TODO list for "Squeak By Example",
listing pending actions and current status of chapters.
* Acknowledge all the contributors of errata!
* Fix explanation 2.9: "A good trick is to always develop in the same folder." ...
* Update the Metaprogramming chapter by incorporating material on metaprogramming and reflection from our lecture notes (including method wrappers and other practical stuff), and
Check the code since Stef wrote it a while ago
* Fix consistency of footnotes and captions. (needs consistent style -- full sentences with periods or what ...)
- NB: Send a copy of each edition to:
Schweizerische Nationalbibliothek, Erwerbungsdienst, Hallwylstr. 15, 3003 Bern
[Done for first edition.]
* NB: in First App that we depend on Squeak 3.9 not 3.8
- Stef: want to write something on block, Exceptions....
- Oscar: ? Add mechanism to test that certain expressions raise an ERROR?
1 / 0 --> ERROR
- Oscar: Add means to define classes in tests (e.g., Model chapter)?
- Add a code folder with change sets for all full examples (alternative to squeaksource)
Preface -- DONE
- add a few short words about history?
- Also add a reference to Dan Ingalls OOPSLA paper
A Quick Tour of Squeak -- DONE
A First Application -- DONE
Syntax in a Nutshell -- DONE
Understanding Message Syntax -- DONE
The Smalltalk Object Model -- DONE
- explain more why setters and getters are bad
- forwrad ref to Idioms chapter?
The Squeak Programming Environment -- DONE (mostly)
- add more exercises
- Write more about Monticello -> Cassou?
* redo all screendumps with white background!
SUnit -- DONE
Add something on expected failures:
^#(testReifySendResult ...)
Basic Classes -- Stef is working on it
* Need a chapter on Control Flow and Iterators?
[Iterators are discussed in the Collections chapter]
Collections -- DONE
* Fix description of IdentityDictionary
- the foobar example is confusing if someone tries to reproduce it
since there are no dots between the printits ...
Streams -- DONE
Morphic -- DONE
Classes and Metaclasses -- DONE
* Needs more details and examples for responsibilities of Class,
Behavior and Metaclass
FAQ -- First rough draft
For further chapters see SBE2-TO-DO.txt