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This means wired peripherals now correctly track their current mounts
and attached state, rather than inheriting from the origin wired modem.

Closes #890

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CC: Tweaked

Current build status Download CC: Tweaked on CurseForge

CC: Tweaked is a mod for Minecraft which adds programmable computers, turtles and more to the game. A fork of the much-beloved ComputerCraft, it continues its legacy with better performance, stability, and a wealth of new features.

CC: Tweaked can be installed from CurseForge or Modrinth. It requires the Minecraft Forge mod loader, but versions are available for Fabric.


Any contribution is welcome, be that using the mod, reporting bugs or contributing code. If you want to get started developing the mod, check out the instructions here.


If you need help getting started with CC: Tweaked, want to show off your latest project, or just want to chat about ComputerCraft we have a forum and Discord guild! There's also a fairly populated, albeit quiet IRC channel, if that's more your cup of tea.

We also host fairly comprehensive documentation at


CC: Tweaked is hosted on my maven repo, and so is relatively simple to depend on. You may wish to add a soft (or hard) dependency in your mods.toml file, with the appropriate version bounds, to ensure that API functionality you depend on is present.

repositories {
  maven {
    url ''
    content {
      includeGroup 'org.squiddev'

dependencies {
  implementation fg.deobf("org.squiddev:cc-tweaked-${mc_version}:${cct_version}")

You should also be careful to only use classes within the dan200.computercraft.api package. Non-API classes are subject to change at any point. If you depend on functionality outside the API, file an issue, and we can look into exposing more features.

We bundle the API sources with the jar, so documentation should be easily viewable within your editor. Alternatively, the generated documentation can be browsed online.