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mBox is a powerful library, helping you to easily create tooltips, modal windows, notice messages and more.
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Source Version 0.2.7


Please note: I've abandoned this project and moved to jQuery. There won't be any more updates.

If you liked mBox you will love jBox:

How to use

A very basic mBox could look like this:

var myMBox = new mBox({
    content: 'This is a very basic mBox. Click anywhere to close.'

The option attach helps you adding the open and close-events to your elements. In following example, the element with id myMBox will open and close your mBox:

new mBox({
    content: 'This mBox will open when clicking on an element with id="myBox".',
    attach: 'myMBox'

To attach a tooltip to an element use mBox.Tooltip:

new mBox.Tooltip({
    content: 'Default tooltip.',
    attach: 'myTooltip1'

If you want your tooltips to open with mouseclick instead, set the option event back to click:

new mBox.Tooltip({
    content: 'This tooltip opens on mouseclick.',
    attach: 'myTooltip2',
    event: 'click'

To open a modal dialog use mBox.Modal:

new mBox.Modal({
    title: 'My modal dialog',
    content: 'This is a simple modal dialog window.',
    attach: 'myModalDialog1'

Use mBox.Notice to show a notice to your visitors.

new mBox.Notice({
    content: 'This is a default notice'
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