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Steven's minimally documented, excessively complex, poweruser keyboard stuff. For the brave only.
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Implemented features

This repository contains a (relatively) stable, working-copy of my own personal keyboard scripts. I have not quite started using my layout full-time (I am still hunting-and-pecking for some things), mostly because I’ve been too busy to get application-specific spacing implemented (such that autospacing is correctly defined for various use cases). However, a lot of other functionality is already in place. Among other things, this project:

  • Correctly autospaces all punctuation (according to Org mode markup, at the moment).
  • Correctly autocapitalizes around .?! and Enter
  • Automatically nests “” () [] etc. (either showing the closing key immediately, or keeping track of it internally and letting you close pairs with the closing parentheses key, saving many keypresses in the long run).
  • Implements what I call “leader key behavior” (tap a layer key to activate a layer for a single press) and “modifier key behavior” (hold a layer key to keep a layer activated for multiple presses) with dual use keys.
  • Implements prefixing modifier keys combinations (e.g., tap Shift, then Control, then a key to send {Ctrl + Shift + Key}), while still supporting normal behavior.
  • Supports intelligent, regex-defined text expansions (e.g., wo –> without; st –> something; etc.) that correctly autocapitalize and expand around punctuation and spacing (including autospaced things).
  • Supports expand keys to prefix individual letters for incredibly common words like “the”, “and”, and so forth.
  • Supports a universal Vim mode, including visual mode and visual line mode, across the entire operating system. Also supports tapping-then-holding Space for a transient Vim state (mostly useful for moving the cursor around without having to jump in and out of Vim mode).
  • Uses a simple status bar to display relevant program information, such as the currently active layer, the spacing status, and other such things.

A more useful project for most people

This project will not be useful to most people since configuration is not accomplished via a GUI (and quite a bit is hardcoded based upon my specific setup). A more generalized project is at In the near future, this other repository should contain GUI configuration and better documentation. After finishing a few more things in this repository (to get the scripts to the point where I am using them full time), my focus will shift to the other repository until I achieve relative feature parity, at which point this repository will be refactored to be built using the tools in that repository.

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