A 3D model of the Go Gopher mascot. We ❤️ Go.
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Go Gopher model

A 3D model of the Go Gopher mascot. We ❤ Go.


The conversation went something like this:

Walter (Developer): Go uses a Gopher as a mascot. We just want to highlight the language in a project.

David (Animator): Here you go.

Walter (Developer): Whoa that's trick. Why the sweet 3D animation?

David (Animator): Because I can.

This results in this render out of Maya:

Go Gopher

Which lead to a render we could use in a slidedeck:

Go Gopher Render 2

Which then results in animated jibbily jelly go gophers uniting on Vine:

Jibbily jelly go gophers unite!

Which then finally results in this CC0 repo of all the Go Gopher goodness. Enjoy!

Print all the things! czrqbrmw0aazbx3